Auto Glass in Piedmont

Whether it’s changing weather conditions, unforeseen debris from a windy day in Piedmont or a misguided baseball pitch, the auto glass on your vehicle is susceptible to damage from a wide range of sources. Damage to the windshield, back or side windows of your car or truck can be extremely frustrating and, if not repaired correctly, could prove very dangerous.

In most average-sized vehicles a windshield will makes up 30% of its strength. The slightest chip, crack or fracture to it could greatly compromise your family’s safety should a collision occur. Similarly, not having the adequate repair work done to a damaged side or rear window could run the risk of reducing visibility.

At Horn Automotive Inc we have built a reputation as being the leading auto glass repair specialist in Piedmont. Our attention to detail with regards to our workmanship is only equaled by our customer-first approach when dealing with you, the Piedmont motorist. If you have encountered any type of auto-glass related problem or simply want additional information on how best to maintain the glass on your vehicle, then please call us today.

Repair or Replace Any Type of Glass

At Horn Automotive Inc we know that time is of the essence, that is why when you come to us with an auto glass problem, you can rest assured knowing that the issue will be fixed quickly. Unlike other auto repair garages, our speedy glass repair or replacement is not compromised with sub-standard workmanship. It is the combined decades of experience which allow our team of mechanics to repair any issue fully but quickly. We are proud of our award-winning service and are willing to stand over it. This is why we offer a fully-comprehensive guarantee on our glass repair or replacement work for as long as you operate your vehicle.

Should I Repair it or Replace it?

There was a time when if your windshield, side or rear window had been damaged by a stone, rock or piece of fallen debris it would have to be replaced. Thanks to advancements in auto glass repair equipment that is no longer the case and an increasing number of vehicles in Piedmont are needing their vehicle’s windows replaced. That being said, a number of factors are still important to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your auto glass, including:

Size: While it is true that advances in glass repair equipment can mean larger cracks and holes can now be repaired, the fact of the matter is that most cracks more than three inches long will need to be replaced rather than repaired.

Location: The simple truth of the matter is that a crack at the bottom of your view window is not as damaging as one on the driver’s side of the windshield. Cracks in windshields also spread quicker and can compromise the integrity of the glass.

Line of Vision: It very much depends on the crack, but it is sometimes better to replace a windshield that has a crack in the driver’s line of vision rather than repair it.